The memories from your wedding day will stay in your heart forever and the photographs from your wedding will help turn those memories into tangible recollections…ones you will cherish and share with friends, families and generations yet to be born. Brides often give very thoughtful consideration to their photographer, however, shy away from make-up and hair stylists, afraid they will look “made-up” or unnatural on their wedding day. It’s a common misconception but the truth of the matter is that hiring a hair and make-up stylist is a brilliant investment with amazing value, especially when you use stylists like Carla White, who transforms already beautiful brides into stunning, confident and camera-ready brides.

Carla’s philosophy may differ from other make-up and hair stylists. She isn’t interested in styling you the way SHE wants to style you. She is interested in using her experience and talents to style you the way YOU want to be styled. She learns what you like, what you don’t like and what makes you feel good about yourself. She is in what she calls a “constant consultation” while she is styling you. She is happy when you look in the mirror and feel confident, beautiful and good about yourself.

“I have learned it is not about me and my skill set, it is about the person in front of me and whether or not they are leaving me feeling better about themselves than before they sat down.”

~Carla White

Carolyn Scott Photography

Photographs can evoke such emotion from your wedding day. When you feel good about yourself, you exude that confidence. Adding confidence to the pure joy and happiness that marrying your beloved brings can truly produce some amazing images that you will treasure forever.

Consider giving this as a gift to your wedding party as well. There’s nothing quite like a group of confident, beautiful women standing behind and supporting a confident, beautiful and happy bride.

“My job is make you FEEL good about yourself.”

~Carla White

Make sure you hire a stylist who will add those personal touches to make you feel like the beautiful person you are as well as a stylist who has the experience to highlight all of your natural beauty for the camera. To see more of Carla White’s work, check out her gorgeous portfolio at

All images by Carolyn Scott Photography